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Pirate Nation
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YARGH! Ye finally found it, a Nation of Pirates who live for adventure and plunder. Here in the Infinite Isles, the rum is plentiful, the seas are rife with strange monsters, and the islands offer mysterious gifts that keep on giving.

To join the thousands of Pirates sailing and making their way, ye will need to become a Pirate yerself. Read on to learn how, me hearty. For a quick gameplay guide, watch this quick walkthrough

Pirate Nation Player Guide by Pirate Zyonik

How to become a Pirate

  • You can purchase a Founder’s Pirate on the marketplace, Blur or Magic Eden (see additional info on Pirate types below to decide which Pirate to sail the seas with).
Pirate Nation Marketplace for Founder’s Pirates
  • If you hold a partner NFT, you can select it from the dropdown when entering the game. Verify membership to mint a Gen1 Pirate.
  • You can use a referral code, which can be found in the share-referral-codes channel in the Pirate Nation discord. This code allows you to mint a Gen1 Pirate.

Founder Pirates are the OG collection on Ethereum blockchain, also known as Gen0. While the Gen1 Pirates are the newer, free pirates, minted through unique codes on the Apex L3 blockchain. Ye can read on the differences between the Pirate types in this article.

Ye have your Pirate, what now?

Sign in screen for Pirate Nation
  • Once you agree with the terms, you are almost ready to explore decentralised gaming! Since most in-game actions are onchain, ye must authorise gasless transactions in order to enjoy the game
  • Make sure your device meets the system requirements for optimal game performance.

Connect with the wallet holding the Founder’s Pirate or the one you wish to mint the gen1 pirate onto — Gen1 pirates are soulbound, once minted, they cannot be moved. Make sure the wallet you use to sign in when claiming the Gen1 pirate is one you are comfortable with using in the game permanently

Connect wallet and Authorise views from Pirate Nation
  • Once your wallet has been connected, the game will load and open to a guided quest. It’s highly recommend you do not skip this as this is how you can craft your first ship

Without a ship, ye cannot battle in any gauntlets or go exploring for any treasure!

If you do skip the guided quests, the first option is to use your Pirate to swim across the water to collect the materials needed for a Skiff. Or, make your way to the marketplace to buy the necessary items needed to build a Skiff or any other ship you want. You could also just buy a more advanced ship while there (a Sloop, Galleon, or Frigate).

New Pirate guided quest from Pirate Nation

Quests, Bounties & Gauntlet Battles

Quests and Bounties are the best places to get varied amounts of Pirate XP and Resources. While the XP is what you need to level up your pirate, the resources open you up to a world of crafting. The resources, often based on loot odds, can range from anchors and ship crafting plans, to ancient worn copper coins. Make sure to spend at least 1 unit of energy daily to get a streak going.

Quests, Bounties and Gauntlet Menu in Pirate Nation

One of a Pirate’s most sacred missions, which also gives booty points, is the Gauntlet Battle.

Command Rank is bestowed upon those whose prowess in these combat battles has proven them worthy. Win as many Gauntlet Battles as you can to increase your Command Rank points. At the maximum rank of 10, your wallet will be unlocked for trading; you can bypass this by purchasing and using a trade license at any rank.

Using a trade license will apply it to your wallet but it will also see the license burnt, that specific license will not be used again. Once used, that wallet can now sell or make trades/transfers.

A Founder’s Trade License

A normal Gauntlet battle is easy enough, while hard Gauntlets will give you and your ship the challenge of a lifetime! Your deck-building skills will be tested, along with your choice of ship and knowledge of the enemies’ strategies. Ye could flee, but the sea will always call you back like an old friend.

The higher your pirate level, the more items you have attached in the available slots, and the higher your ship level, the more cards you will have to play with.

Before you battle, you will get the chance to select the deck you wish to use, based on the opponents, their HP (health points), your AP (action points) or perhaps, which ship is simply your favourite.

Deck Creation and Gauntlet Battles in Pirate Nation

Fear not scallywag, we have for you a guide on deck building and a nifty summary of the different combat cards.

Deck Building Guide by Pirate Zyonik

Pirate Level

A better pirate level means better cards. You need XP for your pirate to be able to level it up, which you can earn from bounties & quests. With your Marks or PGLD, you will be able to ‘Level Up’ the Pirate when the XP requirement is met at each level.

Full Pirate info in the Pirate Nation Crew menu

Crafting Ships and Other Resources

A skiff, although a valued treasure, can only do so much — it is both level locked & soulbound, so it cannot be upgraded or traded. Other ships include the sleek Sloop, the hardy Galleon & the devastating Frigate.

To craft each ship, there are some items you will need to collect or craft first. Each ship type offers different advantages and has different requirements to craft, so start strategizing your play style before you pursue crafting or purchasing a ship.

Crafting Items Menu in Pirate Nation
  • Sloop Lvl 1: best for evasion/offence, 6 AP, 175 HP
  • Galleon Lvl 1: best for strength, 5AP, 210 HP
  • Frigate Lvl 1: best for durability, 5 AP, 245 HP

All the above ships can be upgraded up to Lvl 3 through a shipwright. All you need are some ship upgrade plans, some Marks/PGLD, and extra ships to burn for the upgrade to complete.

Below you will find a ship crafting guide in video as well as tabled guides of the items needed to craft each ship, along with the steps required to acquire said items.

Ship Crafting Guide by Pirate Zyonik
Ship Building Guides, created by First Mate Pirate Junge

All you need to know about Pirates

Founder’s Pirates have a few different traits for you to note when collecting

  • Expertise: there are 5 different expertise traits that determine the combat specialisation cards the Pirate will offer the player (Damage, Accuracy, Speed, Evasion, and Health)
A Founder Pirate with an Evasion Expertise
  • Elemental Affinity: there are 5 different elements that affect weaknesses and resistances in the Gauntlets (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Lightning)
The Pirate elemental affinities shown in terms of their strength within Pirate Nation
  • Founder Hold & Own Chests

The longer a pirate is held, the more founder chests that Founder Pirate will be able to claim. The higher the number for this trait when purchasing, the fewer Founder’s Chests are left available to claim. Once purchased, the hold & own timer will begin again, with the first chest available to claim in 7 days.

Founder Pirate Chests with Founder Maps

There be much to do on these high seas, it is best ye be scrutinous with your resources. Nothing should be wasted out here in the Infinite Isles!



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