Final update of 2022 — Voxel Pirates, Leaderboard Changes, Rum, and More

Ahoy mateys!

Happy Holidays! Our team has prepared the fourth and largest update to Pirate Nation. Read on to learn about our brand new voxel Pirate characters, updates to our leaderboard system, and balance changes.

Whether you’re celebrating Festivus, Christmas, Hanukkah, Chrismukkah, or Kwanza, our last release of 2022 will be fun for the whole family.

Voxel Pirates

They are tired from their long boat ride to the island, just hanging out and getting a lay of their new island life. Soon you’ll begin to see these pirates and other creatures cropping up all over your island.

As we’ve mentioned numerous times, we truly believe in interoperability. Unlike the vector art Founder’s Pirates, these voxel Pirates will eventually be able to present themselves in any 3D space. There’s a lot of room to explore as we continue building out this new leg of Pirate Nation.


Here’s the changes we’re making for the next leaderboard competition:

  • Pirate-based leaderboards as a first step towards leveling the playing field. Per-wallet leaderboards may return in the future.
  • Rum now makes Captains hungover. Hangovers take time to sober up from. It won’t be possible to binge a Captain through your entire supply of rum in one day now.
  • Rare and uncraftable items to the set of rewards that are very difficult if not impossible to obtain elsewhere.
  • The leaderboard now makes it clear who is eligible for rewards.
  • We’re moving to two-week long competitions that will start and end on every other Saturday @ 11:59pm GMT with the leaderboard resetting after each competition.

As with everything in the Pirate Nation beta, we will continue to iterate on the rotating competitions and prizes, so please let us know your thoughts, happy or otherwise, we’re always listening.

The next competition period will be:
December 24th, 2022 @ 11:59pm GMT — January 7th, 2023 @ 11:59pm GMT

Rewards will be airdropped on Tuesday, January 10th.

  • 1st: 1,000 Pirate Gold, 3 Kegs of Rum, 3 Compass, Spyglass, and Mermaid Scale, 1 Tiki Head Statue
  • 2nd — 4th: 750 Pirate Gold, 3 Jugs of Rum, 4 Cotton Net, Iron Anchor, and Wooden Oar
  • 5th — 7th: 500 Pirate Gold, 2 Jugs of Rum, 6 Cotton, Iron Ore, and Wood
  • 8th — 10th: 250 Pirate Gold, 1 Jug of Rum, 3 Cotton, Iron Ore, and Wood

As always, thanks for reading! Our team is excited to bring you even more surprises and ways to play in the coming year. Stay safe, and happy holidays!



Pirate Nation is a light hearted game filled with high seas adventure, treasure and fun, unique characters

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Pirate Nation

Pirate Nation is a light hearted game filled with high seas adventure, treasure and fun, unique characters