Introducing Wallet-Based Energy System in Pirate Nation

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3 min readMay 26, 2023


Ahoy, Pirate Nation!

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting change that’s set to improve our player’s gaming experience. Today, we’re unveiling a new energy system that marks a significant step forward for our game and lays the groundwork for people to enter Pirate Nation on fair and even terms.

Out With the Old

Previously, energy was directly related to the number of pirates owned. The bigger the crew, the more energy/actions. However, we believe in fairness and equal opportunities for all our players, and not just the ones with the largest crews.

So, we’re bidding goodbye to the old system and embracing a new, wallet-based energy system. We acknowledge the benefits of maintaining a large crew, and we’ll delve deeper into this later in the article.

Introducing Wallet-Based Energy

In our revamped system, every player will receive a standardized energy of 150, regardless of the number of pirates under their command. This shift is designed to level the playing field, offering the same progression opportunities to everyone in Pirate Nation, no matter the size of their crew.

The motivation behind this important change is our unwavering commitment to fostering a balanced gameplay experience. By introducing uniform energy allocation, we are not only ensuring fairness, but also simplifying and improving the onboarding process. We are making sure the game is more accessible and fun for newcomers to enter Pirate Nation and better leaving the field for everyone to have a shot at winning Leaderboard competitions and other events.

Acknowledging Larger Crews

Rest assured, we fully recognize the value of our players who command larger crews. They will still use their extensive array of pirates to participate in Bounties (current and future), and leverage their Elemental Affinities and Pirate Expertise in combat. Furthermore, we’re exploring additional incentives for those commanding sizable crews such as private AMAs with the team, customized voxel art, and quests yielding higher rewards, but we aren’t making all our plans known for now. Mostly, we are committed to retaining the strategic depth and customization options that our players love about Pirate Nation.

The Way Forward

Pirate levels will continue to play a crucial role in PvE (and PvP eventually) combat and in unlocking high-level quests. Additionally, the introduction of the expertise system will provide additional bonuses for pirates based on their level. This change will ensure that leveling up remains meaningful and adds value to the gameplay experience.

While our new energy system standardizes opportunities, it doesn’t restrict players from splitting their pirates across multiple wallets. Nevertheless, our focus remains on creating a balanced and fair gaming environment for players of all sizes as we gear up towards onboarding millions of players. The team is aware that there may be a power leveling strategy that could emerge involving transferring pirates. This strategy has been pre-emptively addressed through the reduction of XP gain. Additional measures are being considered, but may not be needed.

Looking Ahead

We’re excited about the potential of this new wallet-based energy system. It opens up a world of possibilities for us to create captivating content and expand our game systems on a balanced playing field. The change paves the way for our player base to grow while fulfilling our commitment to deliver an engaging and fun gaming experience.

We’re thankful for the continued support and look forward to sailing together towards a brighter future in Pirate Nation. Here’s to more exciting adventures ahead!

Smooth sailing,
The Pirate Nation Team



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