Pirate Nation

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Pirate Nation
3 min readApr 15, 2022

Pirate Nation is an NFT-based RPG minting on Ethereum and playable on Polygon. Gather your Pirate Captains, rally your ships, and get to plunderin’. But there be danger on the seas, the lily-livered best keep their boots on dry ground and watch out for the Royal Navy!

How can I get involved?

The most loyal community members will be able to mint up to two Gen0 Pirate Captains after completing a few quests and gauntlets. Thanks to code adapted from the Paradigm raffle contract, the remaining Gen0 Pirate Captains will be available through a fair and equitable distribution without wasteful gas wars or bot takeovers. We’re intentionally keeping the mint price low so our launch is both affordable and accessible for all who want to set sail with us.

Keep an eye on our Twitter for alpha, access to our mailing list, Discord, and other important updates.

Who’s on the team?

Our team is fully doxxed: https://docs.piratenation.game/the-pirate-nation-team

Among our founding team are 2 co-creators of FarmVille. Amitt (Lead Developer) and Craig (Art Director).

We’re a quickly growing crew of founders, entrepreneurs, and crypto-native tinkerers that care deeply about immersing players into the Pirate Nation universe and turning them into owners. We’re excited to help usher in a new era of NFT gaming that pushes beyond the current limits and offerings.

We believe in letting our game speak for itself. We will focus on what is most important: delivering the best experience for our players. Our team is locked into 5-year equity grants that are heavily backweighted so, don’t fret lads and lasses, we aren’t going anywhere.

Our initial plan was to release the game as a fully anon team because we thought that’d be fun and cool. But, we approached this from first principles and realized that one our team’s greatest assets in our reputations and our past. We literally have 100 years worth of game making experience on the team, a claim that is, firstly, 100% verifiably true, and also something we doubt any other team can say. Anyone can write a whitepaper, buy assets off Fiverr, and sell people online a bill of goods. Participants in this space have to be diligent, while builders have to prove themselves while being open, active, and receptive. As we build Pirate Nation, we’ll use our perspectives as active members of multiple communities to inform our behavior as builders.

What can I expect?

Professional code. Audits are actively being conducted on our smart contracts by top tier firms.

High quality art. Our art team has been hard at work to get our style just right. We designed characters where the art could stand independent of the game and serve as a high quality PFP project.

Innovative thinking. Most games ask you to stake your NFTs as part of the gameplay which requires a significant amount of trust in the smart contracts. We are taking an approach where you lock your NFTs, but they never leave your wallet and are still usable in other applications.

Speed. This space moves fast; our team moves faster.

Competence. Our team members have nearly a century of combined experience in fast-paced game production, engineering, and product development.

Willingness to change. We don’t believe in sacred cows and will check and challenge every assumption to ensure we’re doing right by our community at every stage.

We look forward to our journey on the high seas with you!




Pirate Nation

A new type of game, filled with high seas adventure, treasure, fun, and unexpected surprises