Pirate Nation’s New Horizons: From Founder’s Pirates to Free-to-Play Pirates

Pirate Nation
3 min readAug 21, 2023


Ahoy, Pirate Nation! Free-to-Play is on the horizon. Soon, two distinct types of playable characters will exist in Pirate Nation.

Gen 0 = Founder’s Pirates are the OG collection.
Gen 1 = Pirates will be new and accessible through F2P.

Join us as we navigate through key differences, enhancements, and the very best Pirate Nation has to offer.

Thoughtful Growth & Enhancement

While we’re excited to go F2P and grow our player base, we’ve thoughtfully crafted an approach that enshrines the special nature of Founder’s Pirates.

Free Pirates offer accessibility, while Founder’s Pirates provide a premium experience with:

  • Character Art & Aesthetics: Unique traits and original SVG art.
  • Quests, Bounties & Rewards: Exclusive opportunities.
  • Resource Earning Rate: Optimized for Founder’s Pirates.
  • Trading & Scarcity: Enhanced trading opportunities and item scarcity.
  • Early Access: To new content and more.

Founder’s Pirates will continue to stand out thanks to their unique visual aspects. Their aesthetic appeal remains a priority.

Founder’s Pirates will offer an enhanced gameplay experience that maintains fairness for incoming F2P players. From trading to exclusive rewards, these features provide an engaging experience without alienating new participants.

Founder’s Pirates cater to players wanting to engage in the trading “meta-game” around Pirate Nation, offering exclusive rewards and trade opportunities.

Expansion… without Dilution

Balance in the game economy is crucial. Initially, Gen 1 Pirates will be soulbound, able to unlock trading items and eventually themselves through gameplay. While Founder’s Pirates remain rare, the number of Pirates will grow, reflecting the expansion of our player base. A merging mechanism for Gen 0 is under consideration but redacted for now.

Community Perks and Phased Rollout of Pirates

Founder’s Pirates receive special perks like exclusive sneak peeks and early access to future games from Proof of Play.

F2P and the minting of free Pirates will roll out phase-by-phase, starting with community invites. In-game events will accompany some phases.

Some design choices are still being finalized, and changes may occur. Our roadmap will guide the rolling out of some Founder’s Pirates features, and we remain committed to building a fun and fair game.

Pirate Nation continues to evolve, focusing on unique player experiences, art preservation, and carefully managed trade and economy dynamics. Whether a Founder’s Pirate or a new F2P player, join us as we navigate toward a game that combines accessibility with exclusivity. Our commitment to thoughtful design and fun gameplay will continue to guide our progress.

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