State of the Nation — 7/14/2022

NFT NYC and Onward

Ahoy, Pirates! We hear ye loud and clear.

Wen mint?
Wen gameplay?
Are ye shark bait?

The answers can be found through another question…


The crew of Pirate Nation sailed together for their second offsite in the heart of New York City during NFT NYC. For some of the team, this was their first time meeting in person!

We bonded through team activities, filled up on delicious food, learned from insightful presentations, and discussed many aspects of Pirate Nation in Socratic conversations.

Amongst the important questions we asked ourselves, three stood tall for us.

  1. Are we truly excited about the gameplay we chose?
  2. Are we setting future versions of Pirate Nation up for success?
  3. Can anything stop a raging Sea Sheep?

The answers kept being some form of: No.

Pirates Pivot

The Pirate Nation that we described in our documentation had been crafted in early Q1 2022. Our goal was to get a boat in the water and build in prod. Well, we all know what happened — The market crashed and our boat isn’t in the water.

Ron, our lead systems Navigator, joined us nearly 2 months ago. Leading up to the offsite, he scoped out versions of Pirate Nation that he felt would work better with a different core gameplay loop.

Together our team dove deep into his suggestions. We considered what up to Pirate Nation v4 could look like, dissected new gameplay systems, and crafted a better Pirate Nation.

The last 2 weeks…

Our team has been heads down hustling to get our new design of Pirate Nation ready. We are working on new UI and UX for our website, coding the new game systems, refactoring contracts, front- & back-end engineering, fleshing out the v1 economy model, making more game art, and scaling our community efforts.

The v1 we are now planning to launch with is closer to what we would’ve seen as a v2 during our NFT NYC discussions.

Alpha from the Spyglass

v1 will be quest-based. Pirates go on quests, earn resources, level up, craft items, and climb the leaderboards.

Send Pirates on Quests for Resources. Some quests will be gated to your Pirate’s level.

Resources generate loot that can help your Pirate out on Quests. Some crafted items will have future use.


A tease of the resources for v1 Pirate Nation

Here’s what to expect coming up

We will be sharing specifics and teases from our UI/UX, new smart contracts, and gameplay economy — among other things.

Thank you for sticking with us as we build. We are letting the seas guide us rather than forcing a mint date. We think we will be better for it!

We truly look forward to sharing the new Pirate Nation with you soon! Until then, may the winds be kind to yer ship!

— — —

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Pirate Nation is a light hearted game filled with high seas adventure, treasure and fun, unique characters

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Pirate Nation

Pirate Nation is a light hearted game filled with high seas adventure, treasure and fun, unique characters