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3 min readDec 10, 2022


Ahoy, crew!

Thank you so much for an amazing first week of the beta of Pirate Nation. We’ve been so energized and excited by having people finally enter the world we’ve been crafting for months. We love seeing strategies play out, the ways people are optimizing their gameplay, the feedback we’ve received, and collaboration within the community!

We got our first & second game updates out this week too! These changes were largely based on community feedback from the first days of gameplay. We’ll be keeping our good eye on the Discord. Make sure to drop us your suggestions in #suggestions and to wrangle your fellow pirates to vote!

Today is also the first day to claim Founder’s Iron Chest. This contains a number of items, including a 1% chance to receive a Topiary Pirate Statue! This statue will never be craftable and can only be earned through special events like this.

Topiary Pirate Statue

Leaderboard Rewards you say…

As you’ve played, you may have noticed the Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard shows the total Pirate Gold minted per-Wallet. Transferring Pirate Gold from one wallet to another will not have it be reflected on the leaderboard.

We’ll be taking snapshots of the Leaderboard to distribute rewards throughout December. As many of you have pointed out, the current version of our leaderboards is whale-friendly and rewards those who hold (and play) with more Founder’s Pirates. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding new competitions to give everyone, even those with as few as a single pirate, a fair shot at the top of a leaderboard. The first snapshot takes place 7 days after the first Pirate Gold was minted by a player.

Rewards are described below:

1st Place: 500 Pirate Gold, 10 Iron/Cotton/Wood, 3 Jugs of Rum
2nd — 3rd Place: 300 Pirate Gold, 5 Iron/Cotton/Wood, 2 Jugs of Rum
4th — 10th Place: 200 Pirate Gold, 3 Iron/Cotton/Wood, 1 Jug of Rum
11th — 25th Place: 100 Pirate Gold, 1 Iron/Cotton/Wood, 1 Flask of Rum

Week 1 Gameplay Roundup

Now that we’ve wrapped up a week of gameplay, we’d love to share some stats with you all!

To start us off here is the state of things between Polygon and Ethereum:

5310 Pirates Bridged
672 Wallets holding a Pirate

4689 Pirates
1102 Wallets holding a Pirate

Now, onto the game! It’s been great seeing strategies develop and people sharing their tactics. One question has come to the forefront:

Are we in Wood Meta?

Despite wood being the most gathered Resource, it falls behind on usage in crafting. It may appear that people are hoarding more wood than they are using for questing.

Here are the items crafted thus far. Let’s see some more Pirate Nation Flags! In total, 4522 items have been crafted.

We can’t wait to share even more of what we have in store. This be just the start of our voyage together!

Check out Pirate Nation at any of our official links:

Get to Piratin’!
- Swabbert



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